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You are about to discover how quick and easy it is to supercharge your results with Safelists, Viral Mailers and other Email Exchanges using a proven system that turns your email advertising into big profits.

You will discover insider secrets of professional email marketers to generate thousands of dollars in profit with email advertising each month... even before anyone joins your primary business!

You will avoid the pitfalls most people make in email advertising, and skyrocket your sucess by building up front income in the affiliate traffic business of viral mailers, safelists and other email exchanges.

Use this report as an easy guide to fast track your way to more traffic, subscribers, referrals and affiliate commissions!

Take action by following the simple steps in this revealing report and you will generate much more traffic with mailers and get paid $100 per day to do it!

To All Your Profits,
Sean Supplee and Scott Douglas
Creators, Email Exchange Profits

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In this report you will see affiliate links for websites we recommend to implement our proven strategies. An Email Exchange Profits affiliate will earn referrals and commissions when you join any of the traffic sites recommended in this report.

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See Part III of this report (below) for details.

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Sean Supplee is an affiliate marketer at heart who lives in the USA. With over 14 years online marketing experience, he is dedicated to teaching his students everything they need to know about making money online. He prides himself in providing the highest quality service and support. Sean owns several traffic generation sites, including Fast Cash Mailer, RealHitz4u, Email Exchange Profits, and Rapid Downline.

Scott Douglas is a retired professional engineer who has been teaching online marketers how to profit with traffic exchanges since 2008. His popular marketing system, TE Profits, has made him one of the most well-known and respected names in traffic exchanges.

Email Exchanges Exposed

Table of Contents


Part I. Why Most People Fail

"The Reception Question"

"The Desperation Derivation"

"The Customer Conundrum"

Part II. Proven Success Strategy

"The Traffic Businessification"

"The Referrals Maximization"

"The Funding Proposition"

Part III. Getting Started Fast

"The Catapult Conjunction"

"The Spontaneous Reaction"

"The Profitization Affiliation"

Appendix: Resources

"Profit With Email Advertising!"

Part I. Why Most People Fail

Let's just be brutally straightforward...

Most people never see any profit with their online business ventures!

After spending hard-earned money on a "business opportunity" that promises to quickly make them rich, they fail to get referrals (let alone sales) for their efforts.

They fail to realize it takes more than just a great business to succeed. Even the best business in the world cannot sell itself!

They fail to understand that it takes more than traffic alone to make sales.

They get frustrated and quit while someone else walks away with the profit!

Which would you rather be?

You can be a winner walking away with your share of the profit, or continue doing the same things you have been doing... eventually quitting in frustration.

It's a simple choice when you have the right information.

While the vast majority of people fail, you can succeed when you understand and accept a few simple rules of the game.

"The Reception Question"

Rule #1. Everyone is already selling something.

Have you ever asked yourself...

"Why does all my hard work to advertise and drive traffic to my affiliate site fail to see the desired results?"

In the "free" traffic arena, most people are using Viral Mailers and other Email Exchanges or Traffic Exchanges for the very same reason you are. Just like you, they want to drive traffic to a website, lead capture page or affiliate offer.

What is a Viral Mailer?

The first Email Exchanges were called a "Safelist" and operated on a simple basis of trading email with other participants. The email list was "safe" to send email to because participants agreed to receive such email. There were usually no limits on sending email and you could receive thousands of emails per day from just one list.

Another less common term is "List Builder" systems, which were the first credit-based safelists. With credit-based email exchange services, you earn credit by opening email from other participants and clicking a link to earn credits. You then spend credits when sending out your email to other participants.

"Viral Mailer" is the common term for modern Email Exchanges. These modern email marketing services include incentives to read emails, as well as incentives to help grow the list of participants in the email exchange service.

We have coined the term "Email Exchange" to broadly encompass all participant-driven email advertising services. Each type of email service has the same basic premise. Participants in the exchange agree to receive email from you. In return, you agree to receive email from them. The primary goal of an email exchange is to drive traffic to your website or affiliate offer.

Viral Mailers are one of the easiest and fastest methods for driving traffic to your "biz op" or affiliate link. Getting traffic is a certainty. You look at their website or email in exchange for them looking at yours.

Getting traffic is all well and good. But ultimately you exchange email and traffic in hopes of getting sales and making money as a website affiliate.

Think about that for a moment.

You are not interested in joining another "biz op" when you are struggling to get traffic and referrals to the one you already have.

Is anyone else really any different from you?

Do you honestly think anyone really cares what "biz op" you're selling this week?

They don't. For all the "free" traffic you get, the reception is bad. Most are simply not interested because they already have something to sell.

"The Desperation Derivation"

Rule #2. There is no such thing as free traffic.

Repeat after me...

"Time is money. Time is money. Time is money."

All traffic, even "free" traffic, comes at a cost of either time or money.

Yes, you can drive traffic without buying traffic. But in effect, what you are attempting to do is trade your time for money.

Imagine that when you finally start getting results and profit from your hard work, the more time you put into driving traffic... the more profit you make.

In a very real sense, time is money!

If you can increase the amount of traffic and money being made in a given time period, then you have increased what your time is worth.

Simply put, you can leverage your time to make more money.

Make sense?

The vast majority fail to realize this simple fact. As a result, they never commit to making their time more productive.

In this report we will show you how to leverage your time into huge increases in traffic and profit in your online business.

"The Customer Conundrum"

Rule #3. You must understand what other people want.

By now this should already be evident. People using Viral Mailers want traffic, and they ultimately want to make money on that traffic.

It's a stark reality.

They are not sending email for fun. Just like us, everyone else in the "free traffic" market is trying to turn time and traffic into money.

And that's the rub! If everyone is selling, what (if anything) are they buying?

There is nothing wrong with the people you are advertising to. They have wants and needs just like you. But if they are not buying what you're selling, the cold, hard truth is:

You're selling the wrong thing!

Traffic is easy. Traffic is not your real problem at all.

Converting your traffic to income is far more important than adding more traffic to promote something that nobody seems to want anyway.

If you want sales, you must ask yourself...

"What do other people just like me using Viral Mailers really want?"

The answer has been staring you in the face all along.

Part II. Proven Success Strategy

"The Traffic Businessification"

I'm not a psychic, but I can guess with a high degree of confidence that you want traffic to a website... probably an affiliate website... and you want to turn that traffic into referrals, or into leads for your business.

If I am wrong you can close this report right now.

If I'm right...

You may be interested in a way to get more traffic with the same amount of effort.

You may also be interested in a way to "get paid" to generate that traffic by earning up front income from a traffic production machine.

The California Gold Rush was a famous period in US history from the late 1840's to the mid 1850's. After the loose gold nuggets were easily picked off the ground, the chances of "striking it rich" were greatly diminished. Some of the biggest winners from the gold rush were selling picks and shovels instead of using picks and shovels to mine for gold.

The internet has become the new "gold rush" on a global scale.

People have rushed to the internet to figuratively mine for gold... and to do that they figuratively need picks and shovels.

Just as in the California gold rush, you have a much greater chance of success if you are in the business of picks and shovels.

What are the picks and shovels of online business?

Traffic and lead generation tools are the lifeblood of internet marketing. Anyone conducting business online needs traffic, and they need a way to turn that traffic into business leads and sales.

We (Sean and Scott) have built our success in online marketing by helping other people generate traffic to their websites. We are in the traffic business, and we can show you how to not only get more traffic, but...

How to earn up front income while generating more traffic!

The beautiful thing about having a "traffic business" in addition to your "primary business" is that it can work with any business, and it can generate steady up front income before anyone even joins your primary business.

When people are mining for gold, sell picks and shovels.

You do NOT need to own a Viral Mailer, Email Exchange or Traffic Exchange in order to build a profitable traffic machine. You do not even need your own website.

You can earn big commissions as an affiliate of traffic generation sites.

Refer other people to these traffic generation sites and you earn commissions when your referrals either upgrade or outright purchase traffic. An affiliate business like this is completely scalable. There is no limit to the number of sites you can ean commissions from as an affiliate.

Start small, build big.

We are proposing that you can start with a very small amount, turn a profit, and then leverage that into greater and greater profit in the traffic business.

How much you make is entirely up to you, but...

Once you see how much easier it is to convert your traffic into sales by promoting traffic generation programs, you will wonder why you did not see this for yourself much sooner.

This is NOT a "get rich quick" proposition. But with time, consistency, and a small effort you can realistically set a goal of earning $3,000 per month (or more) as an affiliate of traffic generation sites.

The "secret" is in understanding how to get there.

"The Referrals Maximization"

To grow quickly as a traffic affiliate you will need to maximize your traffic and maximize your referrals with any given amount of traffic.

You will need to know which traffic sites offer the best results, and which have the greatest propensity to generate affiliate commissions.

You will need to know how to maximize your referrals to these traffic sites. Instead of promoting dozens of different traffic sites, promote ONE site that builds referrals in multiple traffic sites.

For all of these needs, we've got you covered!

Sean Supplee has developed the perfect tool designed to help you maximize traffic and referrals in your traffic business. This tool saves you time and money by ranking the top Viral Mailers so you know which sites yield the best results.

This awesome tool is a site called Rapid Downline.

Rapid Downline ranks the top traffic sources so you know the most productive places to put your time and money when building your traffic business.

Rapid Downline helps you build referrals in those traffic sources so you can earn big affiliate commission checks in your traffic business. You can also earn handsome affiliate commissions directly from Rapid Downline.

For each person you refer to Rapid Downline, you will:

– Get traffic, banner impressions, text impressions and more
– Get referrals in the downline builder programs
– Get commissions when they upgrade at Rapid Downline
– Get commissions when they upgrade in the downline builder programs

It makes perfect sense for you to advertise in top-rated traffic sources. It also makes perfect sense to refer other people to those same traffic sources.

That's why Rapid Downline is the perfect solution. Check it out and join here:

"The Funding Proposition"

The funded proposal strategy is proven and effective. You may have heard this term before, but if not, here is our short description.

"A funded proposal is a proven method of recovering costs
associated with advertising or marketing by selling a
related, low-cost, front-end product."

Follow this proven strategy and fund your marketing with a fantastic, high demand product that quickly pays you lucrative commissions!

With a funded proposal you are creating up front income that pays for additional upgrades, tools, or any other advertising to grow your business.

Use a small portion of the income from the funded proposal to upgrade in other traffic sources for even more traffic, accelerating your traffic and profits.

Which viral mailer do we recommend to fuel the growth of your traffic business?

Email Exchange Profits is built from the ground up to provide the best quality traffic to your websites as well as help you get started earning big commissions as an affiliate in the traffic business.

- Blast your message to thousands of members with our built-in viral mailer.

- Tap into our experience with training designed to help you quickly succeed.

- Enjoy the benefit of the very same emails, splash pages and lead capture pages that we use to get attention and results in our viral email advertising.

Email Exchange Profits is an all-in-one viral mailer, training site and turn-key system to quickly and easily build a traffic machine and earn ever-growing affiliate commissions in the business of traffic and email advertising.

Follow our proven strategy to turn ONE upgraded membership at Email Exchange Profits into dozens of upgraded memberships in Email Exchanges with no further out-of-pocket expense.

Join and upgrade at Email Exchange Profits. Then let us help you turn it into your own non-stop traffic and affiliate commission machine!

Part III. Getting Started Fast

"The Catapult Conjunction"

We are NOT going to fill you with a bunch of "hype" about getting rich fast. Just like in the days of the gold rush, those chances are way too slim.

We ARE going to put you on a path which practically guarantees your success in the least amount of time and effort possible.

You need traffic, and you need a way to convert your traffic into referrals and sales.

That is where Rapid Downline and Email Exchange Profits come in.

Rapid Downline provides the best sources of traffic, and helps you quickly build downlines (aka referrals) in those same traffic sources. Everyone already is looking for traffic, and they naturally want the best traffic available. That's why referring others to Rapid Downline is as easy as it gets!

Email Exchange Profits provides the catalyst to turn your traffic machine into a profitable money-making commission machine. You will not just be getting referrals in these traffic programs, but you will also be earning ever-growing commissions from these same programs.

This is about helping you succeed. Our proven strategy is designed with beginner and intermediate marketers in mind. There is almost zero risk because you can start very small on a shoestring budget, then grow at your own pace.

We only succeed when you do, so you have our full support along the way.

How is a Viral Mailer Viral?

The Internet is arguably the most pervasive communication marvel in history. From almost anywhere, a funny video can spread "virally" from one person to another around the world in minutes.

Viral Mailers generate easy, rapid growth by incentivizing affiliates to spread word about these mailers. As the participants increase, the viral mailer growth increases by automatically having more people helping to grow the mailer.

Continuously adding new members is the mainstay of a successful Viral Mailer. All mailers are not equal. Not all of them experience the viral growth necessary for an active membership.

To ensure you are joining actively growing Email Exchanges, a testing and ranking service such as Rapid Downline is essential.

"The Spontaneous Reaction"

Whether you simply "dip your toe in" or jump in full steam ahead, either way is fine with us. Your first step is to join Rapid Downline.

However, simply joining Rapid Downline really does absolutely nothing for you unless you join the traffic sources suggested in Rapid Downline. That's the point. These are the best!

When you see all the sites that Rapid Downline builds referrals in, it can be overwhelming at first. Don't fret. Remember our motto...

"Start small, build big."

1. Log into Rapid Downline and look to the menu on the left.

2. Click on "Viral Mailers" and join the traffic sites on that list.

3. Enter your affiliate number or username for each site in the Viral Mailer downline builder. You will not get referrals or commissions in any site you leave blank.

Our goal is to help you get started as quick as possible gaining referrals (aka building downlines) in viral mailers.

Simply join all the viral mailers for now. Do not worry about other recommended traffic sites at this time.

If you are already a member of any viral mailer, do NOT join again.


That's it for now. You are an affiliate in the traffic business and on your way to gaining referrals and commissions in your traffic business!!

When you advertise or otherwise promote Rapid Downline, you are gaining referrals (building downlines) in the top-rated Viral Mailers in the industry.

See the efficiency?

Do NOT advertise individual traffic sites. Instead, refer other people to MANY traffic sites with one link!


Keep reading as we show you how to turn your Rapid Downline membership into a $100/day profit machine!

"The Profitization Affiliation"

Nobody can guarantee that you or anyone else will make "X" amount of money in any business. We are no exception.

Building a profitable "traffic machine" takes a business mindset. Think of it as a business generating profit rather than a "job" earning an hourly wage.

This is a simple strategy to turn as little as $7 into a $100 per day income as an affiliate in the traffic business.

We are completely confident that with our system you will be able to start very small, get into profit as quickly as possible, and strategically compound your growth into more and more profit.

It's possible because we have done it. This is how in a nutshell...

"Start Small, Build Big"

Instead of spending hundreds per month getting started in a home-based business to sell lotions, potions, pills or household goods... and then spending even more trying to get traffic or prospects for that business...

You can get started in the traffic business for as little as $7 per month with ZERO additional outlay for traffic or prospects to grow your traffic business!


Because your business IS traffic. Your traffic grows as your business grows.

There are two things to understand as an affiliate in the traffic business:

1. Most traffic sites offer upgraded membership options, and those upgrades come with more traffic.

2. In most sites, higher commissions are paid to upgraded affiliates.

So upgrading your membership in a traffic site simultaneously increases your traffic from that site and increases your earnings when you promote that site.

With our strategy, your upgrades pay for themselves with increased traffic, referrals, and commissions earned as a result of your upgrades.

In other words... you profit with your upgrades!

If you are promoting 20 traffic sites and average $150 per month with each of those sites, you would be earning $3,000 per month in your traffic business.

Again, there is no guarantee of this amount in any short period of time. It takes effort, time and dedication to get to this level of income as an affiliate.

However, you do NOT have to upgrade in 20 sites on day one to start getting increased traffic, referrals and commissions in all 20 of those sites.

It's called "stacking" and it's as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Start with one upgraded membership.

Step 2: Use the 20 traffic sites (along with any other means you have to drive traffic) to get referrals in all 20 sites, plus larger commissions in the one site you've upgraded.

Step 3: Use profit from the first upgrade to fund more upgrades.

The "stacking" strategy allows you to start small and build big.

Before long, you can be upgraded in all 20 sites with minimal intial outlay.

The goal is to have upgraded memberships in all 20 sites (or even more) and turn a profit on all your upgraded memberships.

In the end, you are generating MUCH MORE TRAFFIC plus up front profits from your traffic machine before anyone joins your primary business!

It's a beautifully simple strategy when you think about it.

Email Exchange Profits (EXP) is designed to make it super easy to get started. Instead of wasting time trying to promote a business nobody wants...

Use the EXP System as your own traffic-and-profit-generating machine!

Email X Profits

You decide... Time is Money!

To All Your Profits,
Sean and Scott

Appendix: Resources

Section 1 - Primary resources discussed in this report for gaining referrals and earning commissions as an affiliate in the traffic business.

Rapid Downline

This is the core of our Traffic Machine. Rapid Downline tests and ranks Viral Mailers so you know which sites produce the best response and traffic.

Join Rapid Downline to know which sites are the very best.

Share Rapid Downline with others to easily build referrals in more than 20 traffic sites with just one affiliate link!

Rapid Downline

Email Exchange Profits

This is the core of our Money Machine.

Instantly tap into a list of thousands to share your products and services with our powerful built-in Viral Mailer.

Turn your traffic into automated sales and profits with our professional training and turn-key marketing system.

Create up front profit with a funded proposal in your email advertising. Let Email Exchange Profits (EXP) be your first step toward a $100 per day Viral Traffic Machine.

It's point-and-click easy!

EXP is hands-down the quickest way to start earning commissions in the viral email traffic business! Upgrades start as low as $7 per month. Keep an eye out for special discount offers when you join. Grab the one that best suits your budget.

Use our turn-key system to get referrals in Rapid Downline and start earning affiliate commissions with Email Exchange Profits. You will essentially be getting paid to build your downlines!

Email X Profits

Section 2 - Our favorite email exchanges that are the most profitable in our business (in addition to Email Exchange Profits). They are among the top performers in the industry and pay excellent commissions to affiliates.

Use commissions from EXP to upgrade in these highly profitable mailers next. Or accelerate your growth by upgrading in a few of these now as your budget allows.


Upgrade for as little as $7 and earn 50% commissions!

As a free member, read email from others to earn credits. As an upgraded member, you won't have to read any emails before sending out an email. And when you send your email it goes to at least five times as many participants in the mailer.

Join Email Hog here:



ListAvail is a unique mailer for expanding your advertising to a broad audience. Upgrading maximizes your exposure with email ads, banner impressions and text impressions. Several upgrade options available with up to 50% commissions. Highly recommended!

List Avail


A "social" email marketing system, this exploded onto the scene a few years and remains a major powerhouse. A massive audience to email immediately with more than 20,000 members!

Upgrade options allow you to unlock extra members to email every few days, plus 50% on everyone you refer. Grow your list 75x faster with exclusive Platinum access to login ads and more. Bweeble is a must-have for serious traffic and earning potential!



High-Impact Advertising for More Traffic, Leads and Sales!

List Impact is owned by Kenny and Sammy Kolijn, offering a unique experience. Watch for the special LIFETIME upgrade offer when you join! Top level earns you a cool 50% commissions and daily mailing to the large membership base.

List Impact


A custom built viral mailer by the amazing Darren Olander!

Darren builds some pretty awesome sites and we highly recommend this one as being one of the most successful in the Viral Mailer industry!

It is a solid performer and consistent commission generator.



The creator, John Bell, knows how to build extremely active and responsive traffic programs. This one is a hybrid traffic engine that includes an Email Exchange PLUS Traffic Exchange.

AdMasterPlus is also a very lucrative traffic site for affiliates. We highly recommended joining and upgrading AdMasterPlus as soons as your budget allows.

Ad Master Plus

Visit Our Sister Site - Email Exchange Profits is doing for mailers what TE Profits has been doing for Traffic Exchanges since 2008!

Experience compound growth when you combine Email Exchange advertising with effective Traffic Exchange marketing. TE Profits shows you how to build up a profitable "no surf" traffic system. Works even for newbies!

TE Profits

Do not be fooled by imitations! TE Profits is the one-of-a-kind original profit machine for Traffic Exchanges, building downlines and massive TE commissions since 2008.

Traffic Exchanges are a great source of leads to build downlines in Viral Mailers. It's a natural progression in online advertising.

Let TEP help you get EXP and Viral Mailer referrals using TEs!

TE Profits

Put Your Links in This Guide!

Become a member of Email Exchange Profits and replace the links in this guide to turn it into your own $100 per day Viral Traffic Machine!

Email X Profits

Email Exchanges Exposed